We strive to understand a client's special needs and apply the appropriate technology when designing a suitable sustainable solution, whether for an upgrade or new construction.

Project Management

We offer clients plans and controls, which ensure cost and quality objectives. TME will carry a project from conception to completion. Our focus is on the project's quality; the owner's goals for cost, and scheduling. Timetables are attained while meeting cost and quality objectives. Our established trade record for successful project delivery is exemplified in all projects and not limited by size or value of the job. Our services also include feasibility, master planning, materials handling, inspections, logistics, and construction administration.


CIES can provide Construction Management services exclusively for our clients in both "at risk" and pure advisor formats. These additional services enable TE Group to provide increased value to our clients by providing support from preliminary engineering to final construction of the facility.   Our goal is to complete each project on time, within budget and at or above the client’s expectations, while maintaining a higher degree of project quality than is often found in other construction delivery methods. Our construction management services include but are not limited to:

  • Preconstruction Planning
  • Project Specific Safety Plan Development
  • Estimating, Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Bid Strategy and Bid Scopes
  • Construction Phasing Plan
  • Preliminary Schedule Development
  • Construction
  • Permitting Management
  • Procurement and Subcontractor Selection
  • Project Scheduling
  • Field Engineering
  • Cost Forecasting and Tracking
  • Coordination Project Meetings
  • Proactive Job Safety Program
  • On-Site Construction Supervision
  • Quality Control Inspection and Reports
  • Project Procedures and Manuals.
  • Support Systems Start up and Training

CIES has a group of specialists to address the need for specialist commissioning agents. We can provide these services integrated with the design for a project or as a separate service acting as the third party utilising our staff.


CIES specialises in the provision of timely and cost effective specialised teams from all trades and, where applicable, personnel screened from our own database. We have achieved an excellent performance record in planned maintenance and the overhaul of both fixed plant and mobile equipment. We provide both administrative and technical backup needed to meet client’s time and budget forecasts.